Hi friends,

rayou {ra- yu} based in Jakarta, is a natural plant-based cosmetic and skincare brand focused on simplified daily beauty rituals and we decided to open up to you on how our journey started! Our interest in making skincare products came from a hobby of artisanal handmade soapmaking in 2014. Slow but surely it developed into making a range of skincare products for personal use, and gifting them to family and friends. As people grew to love our formulations, we decided to dream bigger and passionately pursue the industry. Through our officially registered products with Indonesia’s National Food & Drug Control Agency BPOM, we aim to share our passion with vast audiences throughout Indonesia.

rayou focuses on innovating simplified skincare for us busy people who deserve extra me-time. As working women, we also know how precious our personal time can be at the end of a hectic day. Most days we just want to quickly clean up, cook a meal for our loved ones or jump straight to bed and stream that next episode. However, we can’t deny that taking care of our skin is a public secret formula to retain natural beauty. With this in mind, we’ve created formulas that are especially made because we can have the best of both worlds. We know we all deserve it!

Your busy friends,

Alissa & Nathania
rayou Co-founders